DeAnna Korte Principal 

With 20 years under her belt directing and executing Riverfest, Arkansas's largest music + arts festival, her passion and reputation for event planning is second to none. Her excitement for the greater Little Rock area is overwhelming and she will stop at nothing to see to it that businesses + people are thriving. From corporate fundraising to event logistics and marketing in between - DeAnna's experience is all encompassing. 

DeAnna's husband Joey is the light of her life, along with her two handsome boys - Ryan + Kyle. She's most recently referred to as "Deeg" to her two precious granddaughters, Vivian + Kate (thanks to her beautiful daughter-in-law Taryn)! When Deeg isn't party planning Vivian + Kate's barnyard birthday bash, she's home hanging with her three labradors - Luke, Lilly + Remi - most likely around the fire pit enjoying the outdoors with Joey! 


Nichole_Headshot (1).jpg

Nichole McGeorge Principal

With a love for all things Little Rock, Nichole McGeorge uses her wealth of history and involvement in the community to plan and coordinate successful events. A veteran when it comes to running a small business and customer service, Nichole understands what it means to put the client first.

Nichole and her husband, Keith, find their two boys at the center of their lives. Hudson and Cooper keep them on their toes and always laughing, along with their playful pup, Maddie. Nichole is constantly on the move between Pulaski Academy (Go Bruins!) and Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, but always makes time for engaging in planning and executing non-profit events.

Nichole’s passion for Little Rock runs deep, but her love for travelling is second to none. While she loves all things abroad, she values the warmth and comfort of being home in Little Rock with her family. No matter where you are in life, it's the moments you experience that make it all worth while. Nichole is passionate about curating experiences for others - her love for baseball in the afternoon and a music festival on the weekend are what make her the perfect event planner!