Your vision, our passion. 

Our team provides a wide array of services to support all of your conference needs. We have extensive experience managing large groups of attendees, online registrations, and check-ins. We offer full-service conference solutions or can serve as a support team for specific needs.

Conference Registration

Organizing your online registration needs is the best way to set your entire conference up for success! We take our digital guru loving mindset and couple it with event logistics to ensure a smooth check-in for your guests. From the time they register online from their laptops, to physically checking in at the conference…we make sure registration is a breeze!

Site Selection

We know how important the event space is to the overall success of a conference. It’s vital to ensure that the space is welcoming to attendees and also that it’s accommodating for all your event needs. Our management and logistics mindset equips us with the ability to ask the right questions to ensure that the site you select is a perfect fit.

Speaker and Program Management

Run of show, order of ceremonies, scheduled program. It’s a lot to manage to make sure every speaker is prompted at the right time to take the stage. Your team can focus on your attendees and our team will manage the process.

Vendor Negotiation & Management

Whether it’s a catering company, an audio visual technician or a bartender...we can handle it. We can make suggestions on vendors in all event categories, or we can personally vet new vendors. Our team will work with each and every vendor from the initial planning phase to tear down of the event.

Post Evaluation / Wrap-Up

We put a lot of effort into making sure your event is not only successful, but sustainable. One of the most important tasks you can complete to ensure your event will continue to grow is a post mortem. What worked well? What didn’t work well? Our team will help you evaluate the highlights and understand what it takes to make your event even better.

Volunteer Management

Our team understands the value that a volunteer can bring to any large event. We can happily recruit volunteers, manage their registration, and manage their shifts on-site. We are veterans in the volunteer game and know how important it is to cherish those that are willing to help out.

Budget Management

If planning and managing events isn’t in your wheelhouse, your budget can end up through the roof. Our team is diligent in staying within your financial means through vendor negotiation and research.  

Digital Solutions

So long are the excel spreadsheets, physical check-ins, and call in to reserve your spot. Our team of digital gurus can help your event stay at the top of the game with digital solutions. We can create an event website, manage online registration, and check-in.

Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales

Securing exhibitors can be taxing, but we have a process that streamlines recruiting exhibitors and obtaining necessary certificates and contracts. Our team is excited to put the sales hat on to ensure that exhibit space fills up and your sponsorship roster is pristine. We are sticklers for making sure both exhibitors and sponsors alike are so impressed with their experience they can’t wait to come back.

Sponsorship Fulfillment

It’s time for the conference and your sponsors are in need of a little extra attention. You are bogged down with all the other aspects of the event, but their sponsorship benefits have to be fulfilled. We can take care of that! Our positive energy and background in sponsor relations blend perfectly in order to meet all their needs before, during, and after the conference.